Reinier Flaes is a motion director/designer based in the Netherlands. Using the latest tools in digital animation technology, he creates stunning moving images on the brink of imagination, cinematography and graphic design. After studying on the School of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), he worked for five years at Onesize before starting on his own in 2013. His work includes visuals for international brands and agencies like Pepsi, Ericcson, Secrid, Armin van Buuren, Cartoon Network, besides creating his own projects and tests. 

Reinier embraces an organic flow of working, using storyboards, styleframes, animatics and unlimited testing to specify mood, ambience and design before getting to work on final images. He draws his inspiration preferably from outside motion design and constantly searches for new techniques and software. His urge for authenticity and perfection often lead to something magical; visualising the imaginary in a way you can almost touch it.