Trailer for the Qlimax music festival  

For Q-Dance we made the thematic trailer of Qlimax 2017. This year the theme was 'The temple of light'. We were given creative freedom to explore this concept. The premise of the story is that the temple of light is a metaphor for the location of the venue, where the people gather to discover their inner light.

Credits: Creative / director: Reinier Flaes & Heerko Groefsema

Creative Q-dance: Mark Rietveld

Art Director Q-dance: Frank Burghout

Design Q-dance: Colin Tossijn

Camera: Erin Sonsma

Visagie: Florence Claire

Stylist: Hajo van de Kuilen

Gaffer: Martin Grootenboer (Tungsten studio's)

Photography: Ruud Baan

Actor: Dimitri Loubry

Sound design: JDXmusic

Producer: Job Bleije

Design & Animation: Reinier Flaes Heerko Groefsema en Marius Denisse